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Update date: 08-02-2024



  • The owner of this website (, hereinafter referred to as: “Website” or “Internet Website“) is Jan Goleń with the address of business activity as below: 1. PRZEDSIĘBIORSTWO HANDLOWO-USŁUGOWE “SPEED” JAN GOLEŃ 2. ROWERY.PL registered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Poland Polska run by the certain minister responsible for economy, having: address of the place of business: ul. Kletówki 17, 38-400 Krosno and delivery address: ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 35, 38-460 Jedlicze, NIP 6840019571, REGON 370218330, e-mail address:, contact telephone number: +48 600-228-594 (hereinafter referred to as: “Owner” or “Administrator“).’


  • Cuncluding a contract for the services provision via the Website is not possible, which means that catalogs, advertisements, pricelists and other information about services posted on the Website should not be treated as an offer, but possibly as invitation to conclude a contract. The conclusion of the contract may take place as a result of an inquiry addressed to the Owner and after the parties agree on the detailed terms and conditions of such an agreement – however, the conclusion and terms of such an agreement are regulated by separate general terms and conditions for the provision of services by the Owner and may be individually agreed between the parties before concluding the contract, conducted, for example, electronically, by telephone or in person at the office of the Owner.
  • All content and articles available on the Website are for informational purposes only. The owner takes all actions to ensure that the data presented on the Website is up-to-date and consistent with the real situation. The owner is controlling the personal data collected and processed in connection with the use of the Website. Personal data purpose: it is processed for the period and based on the grounds and principles indicated in the policy privacy policy published on the Website. The privacy policy mainly contains rules regarding: processing of personal data by the Administrator on the Website, including the grounds, purposes and period of processing personal data and the rights of data subjects, as well as information regarding use of the Website Cookies and analytical tools. Use of the Website is voluntary. Similarly related to this Providing personal data by the user of the Website is voluntary, subject to the exceptions indicated in the privacy policy (e.g. use of the Website’s electronic services)


  • The website is available to all Internet users. The Owner provides information on the Website, about their business activities and the services they provide. Correct use of the Website requires meeting the following technical requirements:
    • desktop computer, laptop or other multimedia device with Internet access.
    • Internet browser / up to date version: Opera, Google Chrome or Safari.
    • Minimum recommended screen resolution: 1920×1080.
    • Enabling the ability to save Cookies and Javascript support in the web browser.
  • Usage of the Website is free of charge. The Website should be used in a manner consistent with the law and good practices, bearing in mind respect for personal rights, protection of personal data and the rights of the Administrator and other users from the Website and third parties, including copyrights and intellectual property rights.
  • Any unlawful activities are prohibited hinder the functioning of the Website. Providing illegal content is also prohibited. You can stop using the Website at any time and without giving any reason by closing the website or web browser. If you have any problems or questions regarding the use of the Site or have any other questions, please contact us with the Website Owner 🙂
    • via e-mail to the e-mail address:;
    • by phone at: +48 600-228-594;
    • in writing or in person at the following address: ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 35, 38-460 Jedlicze.
  • In the description of the report, please provide (1) information and circumstances regarding the subject of the report; and (2) contact information reporting party. We will respond to your report within 14 calendar days.


  • In order to fulfill the information requirements, the owner indicates that the consumer, relating to Art. 27 of the Rights Act The consumer may withdraw from a distance contract within 14 calendar days, without giving a reason and without incurring costs. The deadline for withdrawal from the contract expires after 14 days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Notwithstanding the above, the Owner informs that he does not conclude any contracts with users via, under which consumers would be obliged to provide services other than providing processed personal data by the entrepreneur solely for the purpose of performing a contract (using the contact form) or a statutory obligation. Consumers may discontinue the use of the Website and electronic services at any time and without penalty costs. To exercise the right to withdraw from the contract, the user should inform the Owner about his decision withdrawal from the contract by an unambiguous declaration. To meet the deadline for withdrawal from the contract, simply send the information regarding the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract before the deadline for withdrawal expires. The example template/sample of the the contract withdrawal form is included in Annex No. 2 to the Consumer Rights Act. The above provisions regarding the consumer also apply to the natural person who is bound by the conclusion of the contract directly related to his/her business activity, when the circumstances indicate that it is not of a professional nature for this person, resulting in particular from the subject of its business activity, made available on the basis of provisions on the Central Registration and Information on Business.


  • Copyright and intellectual property rights to the Website as a whole and to the content, graphics, works, designs and signs available within it belong to the Owner or other authorized third parties and are protected by law copyright and other provisions of generally applicable law. The use of the content posted on the Website is prohibited permitted without restriction for your own personal use. Using the content posted on the Website in another scope requires the prior express consent of the Administrator or other authorized third parties.


  • If you have any trouble related inquires or questions regarding the use of the website or you simply have any other questions, please contact us as below:

    • via e-mail to the e-mail address:
    • by phone at: +48 600-228-594;
    • in writing or in person at the following address: ul. Tadeusza Rejtana 35, 38-460 Jedlicze.