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BICYCLE – MTB / Gravel


  • With the increasing popularity of gravel bikes, we have designed this new tire in 2021.
  • The tightly packed knobs on the center of the tread provide a great rolling resistance for city use while the shoulder knobs give you the grip you need in trail use and in the corners. It’s both fast and grippy, coping well in a wide range of trail conditions
  • 650x40B, ETRTO 40-584, 27.5×1.5
  • More specs available: black skinwalls, foldable beads, reflective tape, stronger casing etc…
  • OEM tire for Angell /S
Tire Size ETRTO TPI E-Bike Tech Color Compound Bead Diameter (inch) Weight (g)
27.5×1.50 40-584 60 TAN SIDEWALL WIRE BEAD 27.5 575