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With decades of research and development, our R&D team offers tire and tube technologies that exceed even the most stringent testing requirements, and brings you the most advanced compounds and casings. Our latest lineup features the following compound and casing technologies.
Our Hook-Up Design reinforces the close attachment between the tire bead and rim. A round groove of rubber stripping is added to the rim line.

Aramid fabrics’ effectiveness as a snakebite resistant casing is well-known. KB-Guard offers maximum protection through increasing the stiffness of the body, and allows the tire to resist deformation in high speed cornering and braking application.

DURO’ s TruShine™ reflective strip technology and increases tire’ s reflective surface from typical 5 mm,to anywhere between 9 and 18 mm, depending on tire size.The doubled reflective area makes yourself more visible to oncoming vehicles, which largely increases your safety.Duro’s proprietary ink imprint technology on the reflective surface gives the reflective strip an elegant and gridded look, similar to carbon fiber weave patterns Custom ink patterns are available on a special order basis. Featured on DURO’ s city, commuting, and beach cruiser tires, TruShine™ reflective strips enhance the appearance of your bicycle, all the while keeping you safe on the street.

Dual Compound series with two different compounds to be used within the tread provide lower rolling resistance and increase cornering grip.

D-Tech is DURO’s exclusive breaker technology. Built into the casing, D-Tech protects the tire bead to bead, strengthens the sidewall, extends tire life and minimizes deformation

The demands of today’ s Mountain Downhill and Freeride courses require a tire com pound that provides maximum stickiness, while allowing minimum roll resistance. Available in both the Razorback and Muckmeister mud tire, RECOIL 52A Compound ensures that every downhill and freeride run is fast, and our non-slip grip allows you to hold your line no matter what the course conditions dictate.

DPC – diamond pattern casing made of special nylon fabric provides great cut and puncture protection on the sidewall.

Tubeless Ready tires are much lighter and air-permeable in the sidewall, and allow easier assembly. Duro’s MTB and Road range features both bead and carcass technologies that allow for the use of tubeless sealant systems.

A 1mm’ special undertread layer provides protection against street punctures, increases tread stiffness and allows tires to maintain shape under cornering and braking forces.

The best choice for city and commuting applications, Duro Shield Plus offers a 3 or 5 mm’ undertread layer, featuring a complex structured compound lying between the tire tread and carcass.

Facing the development of electric bicycles and specific requirements of e-bike tires,Duro introduces évolve technology featuring compounds, casings and sidewalls that meet electric bicycles’ increased weight load, and decreases e-bike battery drain.